So Now That Kyle Williams Is Hurt

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And has no trade value in the NFL, these are the things I’d trade him for

  1. This pen with a laser cap so I can write straight without lined paperhttp://www.tuvie.com/laser-cap-creates-lined-paper-effect-to-help-you-witing-in-a-straight-line-on-blank-paper/
  2. An awesome noise canceling device http://laughingsquid.com/sono-design-concept-for-a-noise-canceling-device-that-sticks-to-your-window/
  3. Sweet payment leather shoes http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2013/11/street-style-just-the-details-patent-leather-shoes.html

But really, I’d just settle for letting Boobie or Lamichael James return.


I Like Kick / Punt Returner Controversies

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Plus with Harbaugh not committing to Kyle Williams, you already know what that means!  Harbaugh may never say anything bad about his team but if he doesn’t say a thing, you know you’re in trouble.  Bring on Lamichael James!  Did we forget he saved our asses in the New England game last year?

Crabtree Is Back and Practicing!

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Looks like the injury hasn’t hurt his ability to catch.  21 days before he’s activated.  It’ll be a nice early Christmas present when we destroy Seattle!