Aldon Smith

Does Aldon Smith Owe 49er Fans Anything?

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Fresh out of substance abuse treatment (and a barber shop), Aldon Smith seems to be in good spirits and on pace to contribute to the 49ers defense in the near weeks.  But should all be forgiven?

These are his career stats since 2011:

Total sacks since 2011:  38.0

Tackles since 2011:  121

Passes Defensed:  5

Interceptions: 1

Safety: 1

He has accounted for 5% of team tackles and 39% of team sacks (51% in 2012!)  To say he is a monster contributor would be a monster understatement.  But does his phenomenol contribution affect the way his behavior should be looked at?

If I walk into a restaurant and the chef makes the most amazing meal I’ve ever had, only for me to later find out that the chef is a drunk, is it within my rights as a customer to demand him/her to clean up?  Do I have the right to demand a clean and sober chef when I as a customer am only there to purchase a good meal?

In the same way, what does Aldon Smith owe 49er fans?  As a fan and viewer of the NFL, you the customer are owed an exciting and entertaining game.  And if it’s your team, a win.  As a 49ers fan myself, Aldon Smith owes me (as a viewer, the customer) a positive contribution to the team and effort directed towards winning (although I’d prefer he be sober for the long term success).  He does not owe me the portrayal of a role model to show me how to be an upstanding citizen.  I can find that on my own.

What do you think?